Below are some valuable tips and strategies to enhance your test-taking experience when you are taking your SATs.

SAT Reading

  • Applying PoE(the process of elimination) is a must. Look for the wrong answers first.
  • Map the passages will- focus on finding the main idea, don’t get into details.
  • Look for evidence of your answers in the text. If you CANNOT find evidence for something, that’s not the correct answer.
  • Remember, the correct answer is the same idea, different words.
  • For detail-based questions, always read the lines in the passage surrounding the given detail to gain context.
  • Do not get stuck on a question. You can come back to it if needed. Don’t let it unnerve you.
  • Be extremely careful while filling out the answer sheet. Cross-check every answer, if possible.
  • Do not get demotivated if this section doesn’t go well. Forget about it and ensure that other sections are not ruined.
  • Read every word of the question and answer choices carefully.
  • Stay calm. Actively read the passages. Underline, mark, and note while mapping the passage.
  • Do not overthink. Do not carry a mental block regarding any passage type. It is just comprehension.


  • Be careful about the commas surrounding a sentence. Ask yourself the function of every comma given in the passage.
  • Use the method of plug-in for vocab questions.
  • For rhetorical questions, read lines above and below the underlined phrase to gain context.
  • Remember to concepts of ” specific is better” and “shorter is better.”
  • Do not overthink. Stick to the rules and ideas.

SAT Math

  • In algebra, if there is an equation with a square root with two solutions, check for both solutions by substituting them back in the original equation as generally, one of them doesn’t satisfy it.
  • In statistics, go through the questions of Confidence Interval & Margin of error once again.
  • Always check the unit of quantities given in the question and the team that is asked.
  • Check if the question asks to answer the nearest integer.
  • Always try to eliminate options while solving any lengthy question. For example, in finding roots using the quadratic formula, check relevant discriminant and denominator in possibilities instead of solving for the roots till the end.
  • In Coordinate Geometry, try to imagine a situation graphically or make a rough graph quickly with the given information.
  • Generally, any big word problem asking for maximum or minimum is based on the “vertex of parabola” concept.
  • Keep track of time. If a question is taking too long, leave it and move on.
  • Underline the essential details, and use the scratch paper well. Be mindful of the formulas.
  • Ensure that your calculator is charged and in the correct mode.

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Make sure you follow these tips to ensure a hassle-free SAT test-taking experience. If you need our help with test-prep assistance for ACT/SAT, SAT Subject Test, and APs, let us know by filling out Tutela’s Student Assistance Form.

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