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ACTvsSAT Digital Diagnostic Test

This online Diagnostic Test helps you understand which standardized test is the best for you.

X ACTvsSAT Digital Diagnostic Test

ACTvsSAT Digital Diagnostic Test

  • Familiarize yourself with ACT and SAT Digital tests and immerse yourself in a real-time test-taking experience.
  • Make a conscious decision based on a comprehensive and comparative analysis of both tests based on concepts, timing, and accuracy.
  • Receive a study plan tailored to meet the student’s specific test-prep needs.
  • Get guidance from industry experts to plan the student’s test timeline to accommodate academic and extracurricular commitments for a hassle-free test-prep experience.
  • Detailed analysis and review of the ACT Essay are available with the $24 option.


ACT Diagnostic Test

ACT Diagnostic Test is an essential tool for students preparing for the ACT exam. It accurately assesses their level of preparedness and identifies their strengths and weaknesses in the areas covered by the exam, helping them achieve their best possible score.

X ACT Diagnostic Test

Benefits of taking the ACT Diagnostic Test

  • The test provides students with an accurate assessment of their current level of preparedness and helps them identify areas they need to focus on for improvement.
  • The test provides students with a realistic experience of the actual ACT exam and helps them develop effective test-taking strategies.
  • Our test provides personalized feedback based on students' performance, allowing them to understand where they need to focus their efforts for improvement.
  • By identifying areas that need improvement, students can focus their efforts on targeted study and practice, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Students can conveniently check their scores and reports on our online portal once they complete the test, making it easy for them to track their progress and plan their next steps.


SAT Diagnostic Test

SAT Diagnostic Test is an invaluable tool for students preparing for the SAT exam. Based on the actual SAT exam, our test provides students with an accurate assessment of their current level of preparedness and identifies their strengths and weaknesses in the areas covered by the exam.

X SAT Diagnostic Test

Benefits of taking the SAT Diagnostic Test

  • SAT Diagnostic Test provides students with an accurate assessment of their current level of preparedness for the SAT exam.
  • The test helps students identify areas where they excel and areas that require more attention.
  • Tutela's SAT Digital Portal allows students to gain a real-time SAT testing experience, helping them to prepare for the actual exam.
  • Students receive personalized feedback based on their performance on the test, allowing them to focus their efforts on areas that require improvement.
  • After careful assessment, students will receive their scores and report in their mail, and they can also review their test and progress on the portal itself.


College Navigator

The tool helps you find out more about the requirements of the Colleges as per your major. 1st search is absolutely free. Register now to avail.

X College Navigator

College Navigator

  • College Navigator provides end-to-end information about hundreds of colleges and universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore
  • Provides information on college prerequisites, including required ACT/SAT/GPA scores and specific APs
  • Learn which AP courses align with your preferred majors.
  • Seek inputs on the college application process, including fees, required documents, and deadlines.
  • Offers information on college tuition, fees, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.


Scholarship Calculator

You can find the best-fitting scholarships according to your score or find the scholarships available at your preferred colleges. 1st search is absolutely free. Register now to avail.

X Scholarship Calculator

Scholarship Calculator

  • Students could use the tool to search for scholarships based on their SAT/ACT scores, APs, GPA, or the college they are interested in attending.
  • Provides information on scholarship eligibility criteria, including academic requirements and financial needs.
  • The scholarship calculator has options for all types of students, including international and US residents (in-state and out-of-state).
  • The tool could provide information on the amount of scholarships awarded to the students.


GPA Calculator

Calculate your GPA to determine your eligibility for different scholarships.

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How is College Kit solving the problem of College Research?

Tutela's College Kit is a comprehensive tool that helps students with their college research by providing access to various resources in one place. Some key ways it solves the college research problem include


Keep all your college research organized and in one place with the student dashboard in the college kit, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites.


Tailor your research to your specific needs, including standardized test preparation, undergraduate major, and college/university preferences.


Easily access information from hundreds of majors and colleges from the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore on the go with the college kit.

Personalized Guidance

Receive one-on-one support from Tutela's experts and have all of your test prep questions answered.

Alumni Networking

Connect with hundreds of Tutela alumni from colleges worldwide, gaining valuable insight and advice from their experiences.

Online Resources

Utilize online quizzes to gain a better understanding of the syllabus for the SAT, ACT, and multiple AP subjects before committing to test preparation.

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