Tutela's ACT vs SAT Digital Diagnostic Test

ACT vs SAT Digital Diagnostic Test

When the ACT and SAT exams are concerned, scores from either of the exams are widely accepted by US colleges. This often prompts the question: Which test should I take?

Readers starting their research can explore the ACT and the SAT Exams in detail.
The answer however lies in understanding the differences between the two tests.

  • The SAT is offered by the not-for-profit College Board, which also offers Advanced Placement courses and other testing services. The non-profit ACT organization is more limited in scope, focusing largely on its namesake test.
  • Depending on the content of the ACT & SAT, factors like handling time pressure, and types of questions one might find challenging count as a parameter in finding which test is better.
  • A student with a strong English background may flourish on the ACT with more emphasis on verbal skills, while for students who are strong in math, the SAT may reflect that much better.
  • While the two tests are similar, the scores are significantly better on one than the other with each student. Students’ goal should be to achieve the highest percentile score, regardless of which test they take.
  • If we see the differences, the SAT is more intuitive than the ACT; the ACT is more of a straightforward test.

The percentile is the only thing that matters when comparing the ACT and the SAT.
Now the solution to the dilemma of choosing between these tests is a well-defined ACTvsSAT DIAGNOSTIC TEST!


  • Regardless of how adaptive and tailored it should be, having a set of questions extensive enough to assess a student’s aptitude is more important.
  • The main idea behind an ACTvsSAT Diagnostic Test is to check a student’s aptitude across various types of questions in terms of subject, content and skill.


  1. Tutela’s ACTvsSAT Diagnostic Test assesses students on the ACT and the NEW SAT. The test contains English, Math, and Science/Data Skills, all of which play a vital part in the actual ACT or SAT. This results in an indication of whether the student is more suited for the ACT or the SAT.
  2. Familiarize yourself with ACT and SAT Digital tests and immerse yourself in a real-time test-taking experience.
  3. Receive a study plan tailored to meet the student’s specific test-prep needs.
  4. Get guidance from industry experts to plan the student’s test timeline to accommodate academic and extracurricular commitments for a hassle-free test-prep experience.
  5. Receive a detailed analysis and review of the ACT Essay from our English experts.
  6. Make a conscious decision based on a comprehensive and comparative analysis of both tests.
  • ACT Exam individual analysis
  • SAT Exam individual analysis
  • ACT section breakdown
  • SAT section breakdown
  • ACT composite score comparison with SAT composite score
  • SAT composite score comparison with ACT composite score
  • ACT Math comparison with SAT Math
  • ACT English comparison with SAT Verbal

Student’s testing skills on the basis of TIME MANAGEMENT and ACCURACY
Students can take Tutela’s ACTvsSAT Diagnostic Test here and kickstart their test-prep journey with full confidence!