About Us

Big dreams need a propitious environment to turn into reality. Having understood the requirements of a 'perfect' learning environment over years, Tutela now stands as a premier educational institute. Armed with exemplary mentors, Tutela provides a trustworthy guardianship for SAT/ACT/AP/IGCSE/IB aspirants to realise their dreams with absolute ease. As a team, we have catered to the exam-prep needs of over 3500 aspirants.

Our students have secured admissions in Ivy Leagues and some of the most coveted universities like Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of South California, University of British Columbia, Stanford University, to name a few. We are obsessed with our students' progress and do not hesitate to give it our all.

We work in harmony with our students in all aspects that involve learning. A student at Tutela receives individual attention, owing to the small batch size, wherein the teacher fine-tunes the learning process according to the learning curve of a student. This 'student-teacher teamwork' strives to obtain the scores needed for a competitive college application.

Tutela provides academic and intellectual guidance to aspiring students. We have brilliant results in SATs, ACTs, APs, IB and IGCSE . Our focus is to provide comprehensive knowledge of the subject while polishing it with well-timed practice sessions. Students from varied curriculum and interests have joined us to achieve their academic goals. With the quality of tutelage and individual attention given to each child, we are redefining the meaning of education.

Our Team

Ashish Kumar

Founder and Director- 'The Master Mind'


Math and Physics Mentor

A Gadget Freak

Srinjay Ray

Director - 'The Evangelist'

MBA, Marketing

People Person

Music Virtuoso and Artist

Ritika Khurana

Academic Director - 'Silver-tongued orator'

M. Phil: Mathematics

An aesthete athlete

Mukul Dhingra

Chemistry and Math mentor

'The Scientist' Engineer

99th Percentile on JEE

A die-hard Cricket fan

Anam Hasan

Academic & Brand Advisor


Brand Development Enthusiast