ACT Testing options: Sectional Retesting, Online Testing, &Superscore Reporting

Tutela ACT Sectional Retesting Online Testing Superscore Reporting

As a result of breakthroughs based on research and the latest technological capabilities, the ACT has introduced new options to ensure colleges have a fair, valid and consistent standard to measure the readiness of students from across the country.

Starting next fall i.e. September 2020, the US test-takers will be open to Sectional Retesting, Online Testing, & Superscore Reporting.

Have a look at the important highlights of these three testing choices.

ACT Section Retesting

  • Students who have taken the test once will be given the option to retake individual ACT section tests (English, Math, Reading, Science, and/or Writing) rather than take the entire test again.
  • This will help to change the historic ratio where about half of the ACT test-takers repeat the test in an attempt to improve their scores.
  • So far, no costs have been determined for section retesting and policies have not yet been changed.
  • Furthermore, sectional retesting would not be available for paper and pencil testers although their original ACT test can be either paper and pencil or online.

ACT Online Testing

  • As of September 2020, students would be able to choose online testing as an option on the US test dates.
  • The content and format will remain the same.
  • Online testing will offer faster results- students will have their scores in two days rather than two weeks' time lag.

ACT Superscore Reporting 

  • ACT will begin to provide students with the ability to report their superstore.
  • This ‘pick-and-choose’ option will allow students to report a higher combined score than the more restrictive, former method.

*Also, there have not been any comments from the top schools on how they will be incorporating the new amendments made by the ACT.

International Testing: There has NOT been any announcement for the international test-takers on the subject so far.

These are the current updates on the new attributes but the long-term consequences are uncertain. Keeping visiting this space for further news and updates on the matter.

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