ACT/SAT Math: Last Minute Exam Tips

Tutela ACT Or SAT Math Last Minute Exam Tips

When it comes down to standardized tests, be it SAT/ACT, the Math-section often tends to give the students a hard time. There are a lot of common problems a student face while preparing for the SAT or ACT.

Here are a few tips to deal with the dreaded Math-section.
Remember to top these up with hard work and perseverance.

Understand your mistakes

Careless errors can cost you valuable points and render you irritated. Hence, be ruthless when it comes to counting your mistakes. Avoid making careless mistakes. A few examples of the common silly mistakes committed by students
*Careless mistake 1: Negative Signs and Subtraction
You can not prevent making mistakes but you can minimize them to the best of your capability. Defeat careless mistakes by triple-check the negatives.
*Careless mistake 2: Parentheses and Distribution
Distribution mistakes often occur when Parentheses are involved in a math question along with the Exponents and Fractions.
*Careless mistake 3: ‘The Switcheroo’
Avoid giving the value of ‘x’ when asked for ‘y’
Avoid answering for ‘x’ when asked for “2x’
Avoid calculating radius instead of diameter, etc. To ensure you do not commit these mistakes, do a ton of practice. Solving 10-15 test papers is a must for better scores.

Understand your weakness level and bridge the content gap
To bridge the content gap, pay special attention to the topics you are not comfortable with. Identify the type of problem you are having and work on it until you master it. The most important topics students get stuck in are:
*Modelling Equations

Make sure you are not facing any issues in these topics. In case you are, seek professional help.

Re-read the question
Read the questions carefully. Questions with detailed labels like titles, axes, or a chart key should be given a reasonable time.  Avoid overlooking a key fact that might simplify the problem. Pay special attention to words like integer, even, odd and consecutive given in the question. Make sure you don’t confuse the area with the perimeter!

Don’t overuse your calculator
Your calculator can be handy, but do not overuse it. Not every question requires a calculator. So, be wise to use one by keeping it simple!

Finish with extra time in order to double-check
Manage your time well and avoid getting stuck on a question for more than the required time. Your goal should be to solve every question and have extra time to recheck your flagged questions. Identify the issue and an opportunity for yourself to improve your score.

In addition to this, if you need any help with the preparations, let us know by filling in Tutela’s Student Assistance Form or directly contacting us at +91-8826345541.