Will APs& Subject Tests Increase Your Chances Of studying At Your Dream University?

Tutela APs and Subject Tests studying at your dream university

As college admissions become increasingly competitive, any possible edge can be the difference between a coveted acceptance or a dreaded rejection. Grades, standardized test scores, extracurriculars, and essays will play a vital role.

When it comes to APs and SAT Subject Tests, you might wonder if these are the factors that might tip the college admissions game in your favour. In this post, we’ll outline the importance of APs and SAT Subject Tests with relevance to your grades and college applications. To learn more, keep reading.

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program that offers college-level curriculum and examinations to high school students so they to prove their proficiency in certain subjects before starting college. A student who obtains a high score on their AP exam can be offered placement and course credit.

Importance of taking APs

1.  You can strengthen your transcript as extra weightage is given to AP grades while calculating your overall GPA in schools.
2. The majority of colleges in the U.S. allow students to obtain satisfactory or high AP scores to gain college credit and be one step ahead in introducing classes.
3. On one hand, you can have a headstart on admission requirements and save the tuition fees on the same hand.
4. AP classes are designed to be college-level work, so taking AP exams and performing in them is indicative of your ability to perform at the college level.
5. At selective colleges, you need to take the most challenging courses available at your high school in order to be considered a serious applicant.

SAT Subject Tests are college admission exams that test a student on specific subjects. These tests give the students an opportunity to choose the subjects in which they want to showcase their subject strengths. Colleges may or may not require or recommend taking the SAT Subject Tests; however, sending the subject test scores can prove to be beneficial as it shows your college readiness in the chosen subjects.

Importance of taking SAT Subject Tests

1. Taking a Subject Test sends a strong message to colleges about your proficiency in specific majors or programs.
2. Subject Test scores are also used by colleges to place students into the appropriate courses. Subject Test scores might help one to fulfil basic requirements or get credit for introductory-level courses.
3. Taking SAT Subject Test showcases your interest in majors. If you are looking for a major in a STEM program, you must take Subject Tests related to Chemistry/Physics/Biology and Math.
For example, if you plan to pursue engineering, you should take Math Level 1/2 and Physics/Chemistry.
4. The tests are not necessarily optional: some colleges require or recommend at least two Subject Tests as a part of the application or for course placement.
That being said, when a college “recommends” them, you know other applicants are taking them. So, not supplying scores when others are, would be putting you at a competitive disadvantage.

We understand that taking AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests can be daunting but they absolutely are very crucial to your school grades & college applications; they are a nice boost to your chances of admission. For this reason, even if they are not a mandated requirement at your dream college, we strongly suggest completing a minimum of two SAT Subject Tests and five AP Exams.

Nothing replaces doing your own research into programs and colleges you are interested in. Be very well informed. For any student assistance form assistance with the preparations, we have got you covered.