SAT Vocabulary Words : Digital SAT January 2023 Attempt

SAT Vocabulary Words Digital SAT January 2023 Attempt

A strong vocabulary helps students with reading comprehension, allowing them to grasp more complex texts and concepts. This is invaluable for standardized tests like the Digital SAT Exam. Furthermore, a rich vocabulary can boost the students' confidence during the exam, helping them stay calm. 

Testing the student with Vocabulary is one of the main parameters of the Digital SAT Exam. It may not sound easy to memorize all kinds of words, but it is essential to understand the pattern in which the Vocabulary is tested. 

This blog will examine all the vocabulary words used in the Digital SAT January 2023 attempt. 

1. Copious

Phonetic: (CO-pee-us)
Meaning: Abundant in supply or quantity; yielding something in large amounts.

  • She took copious notes during the lecture to ensure she didn't miss any important details. 
  • The copious rainfall in the region led to flooding in many areas.

2. Sporadic

Phonetic: (spuh-RAD-ik)
Meaning: Occurring occasionally, singly, or in irregular instances; scattered or isolated.

  • The issue with the internet connection was sporadic, making it difficult to diagnose. 
  • He made sporadic attempts to learn Spanish, picking up the language here and there.

3. Transpose

Phonetic: (trans-POHZ)
Meaning: To change the position or order of things; to switch or exchange.

  • The musician decided to transpose the song to a higher key for the performance. 
  • Let's transpose these two paragraphs to see if the flow improves.

4. Lament

Phonetic: (luh-MENT)
Meaning: To express grief, sorrow, or regret; to mourn aloud.

  • The poet penned a lament for the lost beauty of the countryside. 
  • She continued to lament the missed opportunity long after it had passed.

5. Entail

Phonetic: (en-TAYL)
Meaning: To involve or require as a necessary consequence; to necessitate.

  • Completing the project on time will entail working overtime for the next few weeks. 
  • Moving to a new city entails finding a new place to live and adjusting to a different environment.

6. Momentous

Phonetic: (muh-MEN-tus)
Meaning: Very important; of great significance or consequence.

  • The discovery of penicillin was a momentous event in the history of medicine.
  • Graduating from college is a momentous occasion for many young adults.

7. Pristine

Phonetic: (PRIS-teen)
Meaning: In its original condition; unspoiled; clean and fresh as if new.

  • The archaeologists discovered a pristine Roman coin in the ruins.
  • The coastline was pristine, with crystal-clear waters and untouched sands.

8. Constrict

Phonetic: (kuhn-STRIKT)
Meaning: To make narrower or tighter, especially by squeezing or binding.

  • The snake constricted its prey before swallowing it whole. 
  • Anxiety can constrict your ability to think clearly.

9. Nebulous

Phonetic: (NEB-yuh-lus)
Meaning: Unclear, vague, or ill-defined; hazy or indistinct.

  • His plans for the future were still nebulous and lacked clear direction.
  • The concept of time in dreams is often nebulous and distorted.

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