SAT Vocabulary Words : Digital SAT March 2023 Attempt

SAT Vocabulary Words Digital SAT March 2023 Attempt

A strong vocabulary helps students with reading comprehension, allowing them to grasp more complex texts and concepts. This is invaluable for standardized tests like the Digital SAT Exam. Furthermore, a rich vocabulary can boost the students' confidence during the exam, helping them stay calm. 

Testing the student with Vocabulary is one of the main parameters of the Digital SAT Exam. It may not sound easy to memorize all kinds of words, but it is essential to understand the pattern in which the Vocabulary is tested. 

This blog will examine all the vocabulary words used in the Digital SAT March 2023 attempt. 

1. Buttress

Phonetic: (BUH-tris)
Meaning: To support, strengthen, or reinforce something.

  • The new data buttresses the theory that was previously speculative.
  • Additional evidence was presented to buttress her argument in court.

2. Refute

Phonetic: (ri-FYOOT)
Meaning: To prove a statement or theory to be false or incorrect.

  • The scientist was able to refute the hypothesis with conclusive experimental results.
  • His lawyer refuted the accusations made against him with solid alibis.

3. Corroborate

Phonetic: (kuh-ROB-uh-rayt)
Meaning: To confirm or give support to a statement, theory, or finding.

  • The witness's testimony corroborated the defendant's alibi.
  • Recent studies have corroborated earlier research on climate change.

4. Scrupulous

Phonetic: (SKROO-pyuh-lus)
Meaning: Diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details; very conscientious.

  • He is known for his scrupulous attention to accuracy in his work.
  • The committee's decision-making process was scrupulous and fair.

5. Vindicate

Phonetic: (VIN-di-kayt)
Meaning: To clear from criticism, suspicion, or doubt; to justify or prove right.

  • The new evidence vindicated him and led to his release from prison.
  • Her success finally vindicated her unconventional methods.

6. Preclude

Phonetic: (pri-KLOOD)
Meaning: To prevent something from happening; to make it impossible or unlikely.

  • His busy schedule precludes him from taking on additional commitments.
  • The locked door precluded any chance of entry.

7. Repudiate

Phonetic: (ri-PYOO-dee-ayt)
Meaning: To reject, disown, or refuse to accept as valid or true.

  • The government quickly repudiated the unauthorized statements made by its officials.
  • She repudiated the allegations against her with evidence to the contrary.

8. Mitigate

Phonetic: (MIT-i-gayt)
Meaning: To make less severe, serious, or painful.

  • Planting trees can help mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • The doctor prescribed medication to mitigate the patient's pain.

9. Outsized

Phonetic: (OUT-sahyzd)
Meaning: Unusually large or greater than expected

  • The project had an outsized impact on the local economy.
  • Her outsized personality made her the center of attention at every gathering.

10. Palpable

Phonetic: (PAL-puh-buhl)
Meaning: Able to be touched or felt; easily perceptible; obvious.

  • The tension in the room was palpable as everyone awaited the results.
  • The excitement in the air was palpable before the concert started.

11. Evince

Phonetic: (ih-VINS)
Meaning: To reveal or indicate clearly; to show.

  • His actions evince a deep commitment to the cause.
  • The data evince a strong correlation between the two variables.

12. Overlooked

Phonetic: (oh-ver-LOOKT)
Meaning: To fail to notice or consider; to disregard accidentally.

  • The small details were overlooked during the rush to complete the project.\
  • His contributions to the team were often overlooked despite their significance.

13. Accentuate

Phonetic: (ak-SEN-choo-ayt)
Meaning: To emphasize or highlight; to make more noticeable.

  • Her outfit accentuated her elegant style and personality.
  • The speaker accentuated key points during the presentation for clarity.


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