Does Taking The PSAT Really Help Boost Your SAT Score?

Tutela PSAT really help boost your SAT score

Yes, it does. Taking the PSAT before SAT is a better option. You can feel the difference in your SAT test performance once you’re through with your PSAT. It’s a preconceived notion that PSAT is a waste of time but this statement doesn’t hold true at all.

Taking the PSAT: Knowing the difference between PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10?

The PSAT 8/9 is the first exam in the college board’s “SAT Suite of Assessments” and is offered to eighth and ninth graders only in the US.
The PSAT 10 is the same as the PSAT/NMSQT but offered at a different time of year. While the PSAT/NMSQT is given to 9th  graders in the fall, the PSAT is given to 10th graders in the spring.
So, according to your grade, you can take the PSAT. Keep in mind that is imperative that you understand the importance of taking the PSAT and not toss the idea altogether

Why is PSAT important?

Use the PSAT as practice for the SAT or ACT as it is an important guidepost on your college admissions journey. Additionally, your PSAT scores are a good predictor of how you may score on the SAT, which is the ultimate goal for any student.

Following are the ways in which PSAT can help predict your performance in SAT

  • Use the PSAT percentile to see how you rank against other test-takers. Get an idea regarding where you stand in the pool of SAT/ACT aspirant pool.
  • Check which section you have good command over and which section requires more preparation. This way you will know your weak areas which will help you in your SAT prep.
  • For example- Use your PSAT score report to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to work on as you prep for the “real challenge”: are there some grammar concepts you need help with? Or were you able to manage the reading section? Or were there certain topics in Math you need to study from scratch?

All in all, it’s safe to say that “PSAT is a weapon which can help you master your SAT.”

PSAT and SAT: How taking the PSAT can help you amplify your SAT score?

Taking the PSAT before SAT can simplify the whole process of taking the dreaded SAT and help you notch up your desired SAT score. PSAT can help you in the following ways-

  • It tells you the areas in which more effort is required.
  • It acts like a warm-up test and acts as the first indicator of your SAT performance.
  • PSAT simplifies your task in terms of preparation and brushing up on your core concepts.

Scoring in the PSAT: What is a “good” score on PSAT?
There is no “good” score – the test should be used as a benchmark to see how you’re doing in high school. Although, the PSAT is not a qualifier for getting admission into a college, ideally, scoring more than 1450/1520 is considered a good score and indicates that you can aim for a 1480+ on your SAT.
PSAT and SAT: Major differences in test-prep.
Let’s talk about what remains the same in both tests-
Syllabus – The syllabus of both tests is entirely the same.
Basic Structure – The structure of both tests is almost the same in terms of question types.
No negative marking – There’s no guessing penalty for any answer in either of them.
Now, let’s talk about what’s different!
Purpose – The major difference is the purpose of both tests. The PSAT is a qualifier for National Merit Scholarship (for national students) and a mock practice for the SAT (for International Students) whereas the SAT is a basic requirement for college admissions and its score has a significant impact on your UG admissions.
Score – The PSAT is scored on a scale of 320-1520, while the SAT is
scored on a scale of 400-1600.
Timing – The SAT is slightly longer and has more questions while the PSAT has fewer questions and a duration is also less.
Essay – The PSAT has no essay while the SAT has an essay which is optional.
Bottom line – Though there is as such no notable difference in the tests, PSAT can help you combat your fear of taking the SAT and gives you a stronger base.

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