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Tutela First step to your dream college

The ACT scores are accepted by all four-year colleges. We have compiled a list of colleges with the highest average ACT scores for admitted students. This can help students to compare their current ACT scores with those earned by admitted applicants at top colleges.

College University Average Score Submitted
California Institute of Technology 36
MIT 36
Harvey Mudd College 35
Brown University 35
Carnegie Mellon University 35
Dartmouth College 35
Duke University 35
Harvard University 35
Cornell University 34
Johns Hopkins University 34
Princeton University 34
Stanford University 34
University of Chicago 34
University of Pennsylvania 34
University of Notre Dame 34
Yale University 34
Amherst College 33
Boston College 33
Carleton College 33
Emory University 33
Georgetown University 33
Georgia Institute of Technology 33
Tufts University 33
University of Michigan 33

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