As we are approaching the deadline of AP Late Registration for May 2022, we urge the students to register before the seats are full at the respective test centers. We are enlisting the step-by-step process for you to make the registration process seamless for you.


Step 1: Students should start with creating their College Board account.

Step 2: Then click on AP Student

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions as shown below.

Step 4: Students will then JOIN A COURSE OR EXAM they are applying for

Step 5: Students then need to enter the code to enroll (It is a subject code specifically assigned to a particular school and testing dates. Different subjects have different codes in the same school, and the same subject will have different codes in different schools.)

How to find the code to enroll?

  1. Decide your AP subject and test date: Here’s a list of AP test centres in India.
  2. Students then need to decide the AP courses and test dates from the regular exam schedule. Here is the list of AP centers in India and their enrollment codes.
  3. Select the code of the respective test date for the specific subject and copy paste the code on the AP student’s account.
    Click on Yes to fill in the personal information which will be sent to the respective school.
    Once the information is submitted the AP Registration is completed at College Board.image.png

Step 6: Students should now make the payment to the respective school and send an email to the coordinator with the bank transaction receipt. Please note that AP testing fees vary from school to school.

Step 7: Students must send an email to the testing-school coordinator about the test dates, AP Subjects, and the fee transfer receipt.

image.pngStep 8: Last but not the least, prepare with your full zeal and focus. If you need help with your preparation, contact us by filling out our student assistance form.

All the best! 
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