IBDP Subject Selection

Tutela IBDP Subject Selection

To be eligible for the IB Diploma, each student is required to follow six IB courses, with one subject taken from each group in the curriculum model:

  • Group 1: Language A (literature and/or language and literature)
  • Group 2: second language (language acquisition)
  • Group 3: individuals and societies
  • Group 4: experimental sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: arts OR one subject from groups 1-4

Further, all IB Diploma students must choose

  • Three courses at the higher level (HL)
  • Three courses at standard level (SL) In addition, all IB Diploma students must complete
  • A course in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • A 4,000-word Extended Essay on a subject of their choice
  • A Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program
Group No. Liberal Arts Bac. Science Bac. Languages Bac. Arts Bac 1 Arts Bac 2
Group 1 Language A (HL) Language A English A HL Language A Language A
Group 2 Language B Language B French A HL Language B Language B
Group 3 History HL Humanities Humanity Humanity Music HL
Group 4 Science Biology HL Science Science Science: ESS only
Group 5 Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Group 6 Economics HL Chemistry HL Spanish B HL Visual Arts HL Theater Arts HL
Courses covered Law. Journalism. Business. Politics. Diplomacy. Government Medicine. Engineering. Science Courses. Digital Technologies Law. Journalism. Business. Politics. Diplomacy. Government. Media Specialist Art, Theater, Music, Media, Design, Architecture Specialist Art, Theater, Music, Media, Design, Architecture


  Courses Required Subjects Preferred Subjects Useful Subjects
1 Architecture Art A mix of Sciences and Arts A portfolio of recent work for interviews
2 Anthropology No particular Subjects Biology- for Biology Anthropology
History- for Social Anthropology
Geography – for Archaeology
A mix of sciences and arts
3 Chemistry Chemistry HL Math/Physics Biology
4 Biology Biology HL Math/Physics Chemistry
5 Theater Theater English Portfolio
6 English English HL History Theater
7 Economics Math HL Economics English
8 Psychology No subject Math
9 Engineering Math HL

Physics HL
Sciences Digital Technologies
10 Math Math Physics Sciences
11 Geography No subject Geography Economics
Social Science
Foreign Languages
12 History History HL English HL Geography
13 Dentistry Chemistry HL
Biology HL
Other Sciences
14 Medicine

Chemistry HL
Biology HL
Maths HL
Physics Sciences
15 Law No subjects English


16 Media No subjects Theater
English HL
Creative Courses

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