All about SAT Digital Suite

Tutela All about SAT Digital Suite

With the College Board’s SAT all set to go online in 2023, selecting the right preparation for the new digital format is critical for the students.
Tutela has launched the first SAT Prep format following the updated Digital SAT syllabus and exam structure of the resources.
Now, let’s explore the Digital Exam Application to know the changes around it.

1. Taking the SAT on a Laptop or Tablet: Students will take the digital testing on a school-administered and proctored device at the exam centre.

2. Responsive and Flexible Technology: If the internet disconnects during the testing, students will still be able to progress through the test with no disruptions. In case the device restarts due to any reason, all the work will be saved and students won’t lose testing time.

3. Section Directions: Students will be able to access section-specific directions from any testing screen.

4. Breaks between 4. sections: Students will have a break between sections and a timer will let them know when the next section starts.

5. MCQs: The Reading and Writing sections and the Math section will both feature multiple-choice questions.

6. Student-produced responses: The Math section will also have questions where students enter their answers directly into the exam app.

7. Multiple testing tools: The digital testing app will have a series of tools built in and available to students while they test.

8.Time alert: A testing timer will show how much time is left and students can show or hide the timer. Students will get an alert when the time is nearly up.

9. Calculator: Calculator will be allowed on the entire Math section. Students can bring their own approved calculator or they can use the graphing calculator that’s built into the exam portal.

10. Reference Sheet: When answering Math questions, students can view commonly used formulas.

11. Mark for review: Students can flag any questions they want to come back to later.

12. Help: If students hit a snag during testing, they can click the HELP icon for troubleshooting tips. If the test is administered with a proctor present, then they can raise their hand to ask the proctor for help, too.


Now let’s take a look at the DIGITAL SAT COURSE STRUCTURE at Tutela!

  • CONTENT DELIVERY: Students will begin the course at a frequency of 3 classes per week, which lasts for 10-12 weeks. Each 1.5-hour session is divided between teaching, classroom assessment and homework assessment.
  • SECTIONAL TESTING: Digital mock drills are coherently combined to assess the weak areas of students and classes are delivered to bridge the gaps. Students are introduced to Online Learning Platforms to prepare them for the online mode of the actual Digital SAT Test.
  • FULL-LENGTH TESTS: The students are then engaged in weekly Digital Full-Length Tests with actual test proctoring. Post FLTs, students will have one-on-one sessions with mentors to track the process.
  • REVIEWS AND WORKSHOPS: The weak areas of students that are identified after every full-length test will be discussed again with the mentors to resolve doubts about the respective topics.

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Source: The College Board