SAT Subject Tests Discontinued: What Should One Do Now?

SAT Subject Tests discontinued

While we are witnessing many dramatic cancellations and policy changes in the college admission process, we are hearing from a lot of students who are stressed and confused. We all heard the news of the SAT Subject Test being eclipsed by the escalating rise of Advanced Placement exams.
The College Board has its SAT Subject Tests canceled. Students from the US for whom the next Subject test date was going to be May 8, 2021, will no longer be administered. However, international students will have two more chances to take SAT Subject Tests. These final and last two dates are May 8 and June 5, 2021. Post that, the SAT Subject Test will no longer be offered internationally either.
Why was the SAT Subject Test canceled?

  • With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of colleges do not require the test scores-at least temporarily-which forced testing centers to close and made it difficult for many students to safely take the test.
  • With the number of students taking the SAT Subject Test dropping, it was no longer profitable for the College Board to continue administering the Subject Tests.
  • Eliminating SAT Subject Tests will simplify and reduce the demands on high school students. It will also reduce unnecessary anxiety and will help students to focus on their AP exams.
  • AP exam scores will become a very important part of the transcripts. There will be some pressure in the air, especially in the junior year, so credits can be submitted on time for college admissions decisions. 

Should internationals take the remaining attempts at SAT Subject Tests?

  • International students must/should NOT cancel their registrations as it will help eliminate the pressure they will face for submitting only AP scores. 
  • International students should not miss the chance of taking these Subject Tests as their scores are used for a wider variety of purposes internationally and thus have been provided with the option of two final test dates. 
  • Taking the SAT Subject is also beneficial for international students as most colleges are likely to expect the scores and consider them. This may add a little boost to the application.  
  • Colleges value students who are committed to offering SAT Subject test scores for admissions and placement.
  • Students applying for merit scholarships should check with their choice of colleges and include SAT Subject Test scores in their transcripts.

The big question: What happens now?

  • This change will have a definite impact-small or big on the application process. Advanced Placement exams are becoming more widely available and have taken the place of SAT Subject Tests.
  • The academic filtering or the screening parameter is narrowed down to the AP exam scores to a large extent. The expanded reach of AP exams and the availability of dynamic courses for all types of students have made it a necessary element in College Applications.   
  • Many colleges, including most of the Ivy League, have been and will be making an effort to see the AP scores submitted by students as a good picture of a student’s academic ability.

Why should students take AP exams?

  • College credits– What draws most of the student’s attention for taking the APs are college credits. College credit policies vary from college to college.  APS definitely provides you an edge over other regular course students. APS gives you early exposure in terms of knowledge, experience, and college-level courses. It also provides the capability to handle a good amount of workload that can ease your college life. So, it is advisable to check the policies of that particular college in which you’re interested to get a better idea. Some colleges might use your college credits to allow you to graduate early whereas others may use them to put you in advanced courses in freshman year. Either way, it’s a win-win.
  • Explore– APs give you an opportunity to explore your field of interest. It allows you enough time to introspect and prevents you from juggling between career choices.
  • Challenging experience– AP exams tend to be harder and more challenging as they have a detailed curriculum. Hence, AP classes are designed in a way that makes you a pro of a particular subject and helps you ace your exam.
  • Time management– AP exams not only improve your studying skills but also enable you to micromanage your routine tasks like school homework, projects, and other day-to-day activities. This skill of time management should come in handy before starting college.

We agree that uncertainty can be scary and frustrating. But always know that you will get through this. We are here to help you navigate the changes, and answer your queries frequently. Have a question? Fill in our assistance form and we will assist you in every way we can!
So folks, start planning for AP exams and give your college application an impressive edge.
Good luck!