Tutela Vs COVID-19

 Tutela Vs COVID-19

Due to this unprecedented event of COVID-19, it’s needless to say that the whole world is suffering on a large scale. Health, education, business, and other various sectors have been greatly affected and it will take a lot of time to return to a semblance of normality, however, we’re hopeful that this neverending looking phase shall pass too.

We’re over four weeks into a nationwide lockdown and like every Indian, we’re sure that the earnest efforts made by the government to fight back against COVID-19 will reap the benefits of quarantine.

However, we at Tutela cannot afford leniency from any end and each of our team members is working tooth and nail to do what’s required to be done in times of crisis. Sometimes in these extraordinary times, even the best of planning and mitigation efforts fail, yet we’re trying our best to cater to all our students. Times like these call for a streamlined and proactive approach and we can assure you that we’re well-apprised and taking all the necessary steps required to ensure that students do not suffer any academic loss.

The team is working tirelessly to ensure everything’s in place and online classes are functioning smoothly. Our students are our priority and we’re leaving no stone unturned to serve them. Furthermore, we’re making sure all the important updates related to tests are timely communicated to all the parents.

To provide normal service during this crisis, Tutela has been taking certain measures in terms of providing online classes

1. Online Classes – We have adopted a 100% online classroom structure. Online classes too provide a few inconveniences to the students however online classroom structure does save a  lot of travel time and energy for the students.

2. Diagnostic Test–  Tutela’s Diagnostic Tests help students to choose between the SAT and ACT. Also, we have diagnostic tests for specific tests such as APs and Subject SATs. Our Diagnostic Tests help students find out tests better suited for them. Since all our classes are being held online, diagnostic tests have also been shifted into an online structure that was previously conducted offline.

3. Follow-ups – Our faculty evaluates the tests that were taken online and then generates reports for each of these tests. These reports are then sent to the parents who can then assess their child’s performance. In order to avoid any communication gap, we’re being more careful than ever and sending periodic reports.

4. Syllabus – We are concentrating on finishing the syllabus of the various exams and have come up with date-wise preparation plans for individual students until their next attempt. We are guiding students not just wrt test prep but also trying our best to ensure that our students are not getting consumed by all these changes and panic situations.

If we talk about the future of these standardized tests, then some colleges have made these tests optional. This gives relief to the student in the current situation.

Listen to Tutela’s Director and Founder, Mr Ashish Kumar, talk about the future of the test prep industry in light of COVID-19.

As far as students are concerned, they’re slowly adjusting to these changes and understanding the gravity of the situation.

We’re hopeful that everything will get back to normal as soon as this pandemic is over. However, in the worst-case scenario, if the condition doesn’t change then, we’re well-equipped wrt to study material and classroom infrastructure. We are already adept at providing online coaching and we will just improvise when the need comes.

Therefore, until it’s all over we will continue to teach our students with utmost dedication like everything’s normal and will make sure we’re always with them whenever they need us.

Here are some glimpses of our teacher’s and students’ online classroom interaction. Hence, we can say learning never stops at Tutela.

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We’re all set to fight this pandemic and rest assured nothing can come in our way of teaching our students with sincerity and dedication.

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