How To Improve Your ACT Score By 4 Points In Just One Month

Tutela Improve Your ACT Score

Nothing is impossible and getting a low score on your first ACT attempt shouldn’t dishearten you. So, forget everything and just focus on the second attempt (Thanks to the super score!)

After the first attempt, you very well know the structure of the ACT and have experienced the test environment once. Hence, there is no scope for you to get the cold feet as now you are ‘mentally prepared’ for the second attempt, which btw is an important feat.

So, what should you do now?

The answer is simple: START WORKING NOW!

Here are the five steps for improving your ACT score by a minimum of 4 points in one month 

Start with revising all the concepts: Understand every topic and how it is tested on the ACT. Go back and dig those notes!
After you are done with the revision, start taking sectional tests(at least 5 from every section i.e. 5 English, 5 reading, 5 math and 5 science sections)  and create an error log. Observe the question types you are getting wrong, make a note of the error pattern in the log, and then adopt a streamlined approach. Go back to those weak concepts and Rework.
Two weeks before your next ACT attempt, start taking full-length online tests. Keep maintaining that error log.
Rigorous test-taking for the next two weeks. Target max 10 full-length papers in two weeks.
Work on the test-taking strategies. The more you practice, the more you improve.

Most importantly, Do not overdo your preparation as that will increase your anxiety. Remember, it is the second attempt and not the only attempt. Just practise and go ace that test

To take a free full-length ACT online test for practice, visit here