SAT Subject Tests FAQ

Tutela SAT Subject Tests FAQ

1. How much time is required to prepare for each SAT Subject Test?
Ans. Subject SAT is a standardized test. The syllabus is detailed but straightforward. If you have a basic understanding of the subjects, two months will be sufficient for preparation. However, if you are a complete novice, three months of preparation time will be sufficient.

2. What would happen if I take my SAT Subject Tests without preparation?
Ans.  There’s no point in taking these tests unprepared as these tests are expensive and if you don’t intend to send your scores then there’s no point in taking the test. SAT Subject Tests give you an opportunity to highlight your core areas for admissions, so if you’re getting a second bite at the cherry besides your academic score then why not seize the opportunity? Based on experience, if you are ready to invest your time and efforts for 2 months, acing the SAT Subject Tests with an 800 should be a cakewalk.

3. Which is the hardest SAT Subject Test?
Ans. It’s a highly subjective question. For some students, Physics is strenuous, whereas for others it’s a cakewalk. You need to do self-introspection in order to find your strong and weak areas and accordingly work on them. There’s no point in taking tests on the subjects in which you’re weak unless you want to study that subject in your college. SAT subject tests are created to measure your proficiency in a particular subject or language. Hence, it’s better to take the tests of the subjects that you’re acquainted with.

4. What is an example of a good SAT Subject Test score?
Ans. A “Perfect” score is unmatchable. If you’re well-versed in the subject and have a good grasp of it you can easily accomplish a perfect score. Many of our students have scored a perfect 800 on SAT Subject Tests. So, 800 is undoubtedly a ‘good’ score.

5. What to do if I have  “bad” Subject SAT score?
Ans. Well, “bad’ is subjective. For some 600 is a bad score and for some 750 is also a bad score, however, colleges don’t see both scores in the same way. Lest, if you feel you scored poorly and there’s a scope for improvement you should retake the test.

6. Is it my discretion to send my SAT Subject Tests scores?
Ans. Definitely. You can decide which scores you want or don’t want to send. However, some colleges can still see how many tests you took and how much you scored; hence, you need to be mindful of taking the tests.

7. If you are taking more than one SAT Subject test, then do you get to choose the order?
Ans. Yes, if you’re taking more than 1 test on the same day, then you get to choose the order because all of the tests are contained within the same test booklet. Most students choose to start with the subject on which they feel they need the most energy and/or are most hopeful will be their best subject, but this is entirely up to you.

8. Should we take SAT Subject Tests first and then SAT or vice-versa?
Ans. You are recommended to take the SAT prior to SAT Subject Tests and then finally go for APs. SAT gives you a head start in your SAT Subject Tests. SAT Subject Tests act as a performance indicator and can help you analyse your weak/strong areas so you will know which area needs more improvement. Once you figure out your strong areas you can brush up on your core areas and work for your next goal which is AP. SAT Subject Tests help a lot in your AP exam as well.

9. Are you advised to retake your SAT Subject Test? If yes, then when?
Ans. You can take your SAT Subject Tests as many times as you want until it adorns your college application. However, some colleges can see the number of attempts you took so it is recommended to not take it beyond 2-3 times. Nonetheless, the key point is that if you had really prepared well and taken it already three times, you cannot significantly improve your score further. Hence, try to give it a maximum of 1 or 2 attempts but with sincere preparation and proper guidance.

10. Is it possible to take SAT Subject Tests in place of SAT?
Ans. Yes. SAT and SAT Subject Tests are independent of each other. An impressive SAT score is a basic requirement for your college application. Whereas, the SAT Subject Tests are used to enhance the credibility of your college application. Generally, students opt for SAT Subject Tests and then AP tests of the same subject.

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